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Have you ever felt frustrated about the fact that many fantasy RPGs like D&D never acknowledge the existence of trans people? Well fret no more! Potion of Trans Your Gender is fantasy supplement with plenty of fun items, spells, and creatures to add some gender to your game. 


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the spells are amazing and i would love them a whole lot for euphoria reasons but they don't have levels so we can't prepare/learn them :<

im glad you like the spells! i was kind of imagining that they're are level 1. i didn't want there to be too much barrier to entry, ya know? but i can vary up the levels if you think that would be better! what's your preference? im thinking of doing a print run soon so ive been planning on making some rewrites regardless.

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This is making into every single one of my games from now on. Absolute staple!

PS.: reading these spells and items made me very emotional. Thank you for putting this supplement together.


Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and that you'll be using it in your games. It means the world to me that it made you emotional, this was my goal and I'm really happy to hear that it was achieved. I hope your players enjoy! 


I'll try to let you know of any cool and fun shenanigans that ensue! Thank you so much!


Um, yes, this ^. I didn't think I would but I am tearing up reading just the magic item section :')

That means so much to me to hear! Thank you!