Alex Kingsley

A game full of magical lil' guys
A Tool for Aspiring Amateur Mycologists
30 chess-adjacent games to play with friends
A sociopolitical game/education tool
Risk but easier, less boring, and emphasizing the painful and difficult history of colonialism
A Down We Go Circus Dungeon
A historical game/education tool
A short 8-bit style adventure
Interactive Fiction
A Horror TTRPG based in the world of The Magnus Archives
A supplement to make your fantasy RPG a little more gender
Can you read tarot? No? Perfect. Neither can I.
The only game that let's you experience life as a cactus.
Can you make milk safely drinkable? Let's find out!
Interactive Fiction
The mini-game for people who love tarot and know nothing about tarot
A sci-fi horror comedy
A fantasy RPG for people who wish D&D didn't have all that nasty fighting
A Workplace Nightmare by Alex Kingsley